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  • Confidentiality policy

    Beddau Buddies work with children and their families will sometimes bring them into contact with confidential information.

    To ensure that all who use and work in Buddies can do so with confidence, confidentiality will be respected in the following ways:

    1.) Parents/carers will have ready access to any files and records of their own children but will not have access to information about any other children.

    2.) Staff should not discuss individual children, other than for purposes of activity planning/group management with anyone other than the parents/carers of that child.

    3.) Information given by parents/carers to the playleader/member of staff should not be passed to other adults without permission.

    4.) Any anxieties/evidence relating to a child’s personal safety should be kept in a confidential file and should not be shared within the group (except with the staff and the committee Chair). The Area Child Protection Guidelines will be followed in such cases.

    5.) Issues to do with the employment of staff, whether paid or unpaid, should remain confidential to the people directly involved with making personnel decisions.

    6.) The safety and well-being of the child will be of paramount importance.

    7.) Volunteers/students are advised of our confidentiality policy and will be required to follow it at all times.

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  • Registration

    You can use the contact details on the contact us page and arrange a visit.

    Alternatively, you can download the registration form from the registration page.

  • BB Feedback

    All the staff have been excellent! My son was three in September and I have been completely reassured that he is happy in Buddies. He can’t wait to go back. Everyone is very friendly and there is a wonderful welcome and happy buzz whenever I go.
    Ms Williams
    I am very happy with Beddau Buddies – always great service and the children love it here!
    Ms L Hicks
    My children have been part of Beddau Buddies for 8 years and we are delighted with the level of care provided. Our children have not only been cared for in a superb setting, by excellent staff but have gained fantastic life skills and experiences.
    Mrs R Jenkins
    Beddau Buddies is absolutely fantastic! My daughter has been attending for a couple of years and she loves going to Buddies. There are always loads of activities for the children to do. I wouldn’t be able to work without Buddies They are brilliant 11/10.
    Mrs C Bowen
    My children love coming to Beddau Buddies afterschool as they get extra play time with different friends from different schools – all in a safe and very friendly environment. I cannot recommend it highly enough!
    Mr S Jones
    My son loves Beddau Buddies! He has attended since the day he started school and it’s become part of our lives. The staff ate fab. My new baby will definitely be attending Buddies when it’s old enough.
    Ms B Jones
    My children thoroughly enjoy coming to Buddies and I feel confident they are well looked after in a safe environment.
    Mr A Thomson
    Beddau Buddies has been a god send for us to help with looking after our children after school. It’s well organised and well run with friendly staff and great facilities. Thanks for the services.
    Mr A Walsh
    My son has been with Buddies since he was four and he is now almost 12 and still there. His younger brother has also started and they both love it in Buddies.
    Mrs M. Rudd
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